DUSTY WOBBLES / KTM ADVENTURE TEAM is doing research and development of many areas and partners in cooperation.

We like to give our best knowledge and experience to our partners in cooperation that all adventures can receive and enjoy better gears and equipments on the future.

KTM Adventure Tours

KTM Adventure Tours

The best ingredients for an unforgettable experience are still a big part of our recipe for success: – and we all speak the same language – – we speak orange!

Motorsport © 2009 L-Fashion Group Oy


Rukka has a habit of getting good results in tests concerning motorcyclewear.

The ‘Best Brand’ awards of MOTORRAD magazine are to the motorcycle and accessories industries what the ‘Oscars’ are to film and the ‘Grammies’ to the music scene. Year after year, Europe’s biggest motorcycle magazine polls its readers for the best brands of that market.

And year after year, the number of people increased who ticked the box behind the name of Rukka in the column ‘I like the products of… “. But the poll results of 2011 dwarf everything that went before. Not only did the Finnish top brand exceed the magical 40% barrier for the first time, it even managed to decisively top out the poll’s most competitive category, where 47 candidates vied for the readers’ favour, with a whopping 43.8%. This makes 2011 the current apogee of Rukka’s three decades in the market. Relentless research and development in collaboration with the most renowned suppliers and institutes have made Rukka the leader in technology in their segment, and now also won it the ‘Best Brand’ title.

And that is not even the full story. Despite only having been in the market for three years with top quality, waterproof leathers, Rukka managed to come fifth in the ‘Motorcycle Leathers’ category among 40 other brands, winning a 23.5% approval rate. And although Rukka has only been listed in the ‘Gloves’ category for the first time this year by MOTORRAD, the brand garnered no less than 21.9% approval, netting another fifth place among 25 contestants.

Fintekra Oy

Fintekra Oy




Finnsvala has manufactured underclothing in Finland since 1955. Our products are technical materials and are sold by specialist shops. The majority of the products that we distribute for professional use are the same as those bought by private consumers. All clothing accessories bearing the Finnsvala brand are made entirely in Finland.

Finnsvala clothing accessories have received awards in a number of industry tests and competitions, and are used by active amateurs and professionals alike, both at sea as well as in the air.


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